Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Passing on made easier

It comes to us all, don't face it alone

Each one of us will eventually meet our end, and we must be laid to rest. Eternal Rest Funeral Home is here to make it easier not just on your mind, but also your family in the choices that need to be made. No matter your creed, your needs come first.

What we can offer


The hardest question is how can we pay for these proper sending offs. We want to make sure our families are taken care of, and we are able to receive the respect we wish at the end. We can help find affordable methods that meet your standards and give you the dignity you and your family search for.

We offer packages starting at set amounts depending on how many planned guests will be visiting, the amount of planning, and the rituals that need to be carried out.

Care of the passed will be handled by our caring team, and help provide one of the funeral options as listed below in Planning.

To help assist you, please visit this site to help with planning and looking at costs. We also offer financing assistance if funerals cross over $8,000 in cost.


Times like this are hard on families, especially if their family members did not get the chance to say goodbye. We have individuals on staff that speak in numerous different languages to help the family through this trying time. We understand that everyone grieves in different ways, and will help in any way we can if requested.

If you know someone who is grieving, get to know what their beliefs and respect their loss. For further information you can follow this link for more information on supporting others through times like this (Help Guide):


Death is a major event in many cultures and have intricate rituals and requirements for a proper sending of an individual. In many cultures, the process of funeral is a time for individuals to come together and celebrate the life of the passing, and remember their lives (Leming, 2011, p. 357). We intend to help you honor the life of the passing and provide for our wishes

We have individuals and ordained individuals available to help plan funeral rights and make sure they are followed to you and your families wishes. We have individuals skilled in the rituals needed for the following religions:

  • Buddhist
  • Christian
  • Islamic
  • Hindu
  • Jewish
  • Non-Denominational
  • Pagan

Also we can help you with discovering options for what to do, in respect to beliefs and practices, how to care for the body of the passed. We can help verify with the process of donations of life, cremation, burial, or a different form of final rest.

If you would like more information with a gift of life, you can gather more information here:

Options for funeral options:

  • Cremation
  • Burial
  • Bio-friendly Burial

We can also help those who are seeking optinos for the end, we can point you to legal professional help to assist you with settling affairs and wills as needed.

If you have specific needs and do not see them above, please call us, and we'd be more than happy to help assist you in any needs or requirements.


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