Mesopotamian Laws

By: Hunter Wallouch

What were mesopotamian laws ?

Mesopotamian laws were eye for an eye, which means if you do something the same will happen to you. The first code of laws we have any record of are ur nammu laws. The ur nammu laws were to protect the weak from the powerful, but its still based on eye for an eye. With the development of writing in mesopotamia they started to write down the laws. The best known set of laws in mesopotamia was the code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi was the king of Babylon. He brought peace and prosperity to the city states with his set of laws. The code of Hammurabi had 282 laws.

How were the laws important and how did the mesopotamians use it ?

The laws were important because they protected the weak from the powerful and the brought peace to everyone. Without the laws everything would have been corrupt and you could get away with just about everything. The Mesopotamian people believed in the laws of eye for an eye which is in other words if you do something to someone the same will happen to you.The laws covered the aspects of family, labor, buying, selling, land, possessions, and trade.

Examples of eye for an eye

How has laws changed from then to now ?

In Mesopotamia the laws were meant to scare people from doing bad things. They made laws to bring peace to everyone. In Mesopotamia if someone said you were guilty then you are guilty, there was no evidence needed. There laws system was based on eye for an eye so if you did something the same would happen to you. Now the laws much more detailed and its an evidenced based laws system so if there's no evidence you cant be found guilty of a crime. Now we have different standards of evidence for criminal charges, there must be proof beyond a reasonable doubt. For non criminal charges, proof only needs to be established on a balance of probabilities.

whats the lagacy and how it influenced us ?

The legacy behind all the laws of Mesopotamia is to have peace between everyone and to protect people. The way the laws influenced the western civilization by having peace between people and having people doing the right things. Without the laws innovations and cuneiform wouldn't be possible because everything would be corrupt and people could probably get away with anything. The laws of Mesopotamia has influenced the western civilization to be a civilized place were everyone is happy and lives in peace. Without the laws our world be a very different place. In all the legacy is to have a world the everyone can live in without being in fear and to be in a world were you feel protected.