Alameda California

The best place in California

Location-Where is it?

Alameda is in California and is west of Oakland located on Alameda island. Alameda island is about 20 minutes from the next island Bay Farm island. Alameda is in Alameda county. The exact location is 37.7561 °N, 122.2744°.

Place- What is it like in Alameda?

Alameda is a very quiet unique town with lots of things to do. Everyone is very welcoming there. The little town is very historic with many museums like the Uss Hornet boat museum and the historic Posey tube. Most of the towns have the same feel every where you go.

Human enviornment interaction- How have the residence of Alameda California interacted with the world around them?

The people of Alameda California dress for mild climates at the lowest in the 40's and the highest in the 90's. They have built houses to withstand all types of weather rain sun even earthquakes. Much has changed in Alameda California like they have cut down trees built buildings some buildings have even been standing for since it became a city.

Movement- Why people move to and away from Alameda?

Alameda is a very small cute town. Every where you go you feel safe. They have nice little neighborhoods and the view on the beach is priceless. When you move to Alameda there is very good food and most important the schools are great. Some people move away because of the really tight driving rules even if you are going one noch over the speed limit you could get pulled over. Also if you want to get organic anything it is way overpriced.

Region-How is Alameda like the other places around it?

Most of the places on Alameda island enjoy hot summers and mild winters. They also all have many Vineyards. All the towns around Alameda are small and safe.
Alameda California
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