Animal Cruelty

We can stop it together!

By Katelynn Lara - Suarez

How bad is the situation?

Would you like to be beaten, burned, tortured, starved, and horrible treated everyday for the rest of your life until someone stands up for you and helps you? I think not. Animals don't deserve to be treated terribly, animal cruelty is not tolerable. I think this is a horrible thing we have on earth, but people in this world think its okay to do. Neglect and abandonment are the most common forms of animal abuse. The most common animal to abuse are dogs. How they abuse an animal is awful. For example, animal abusers stab the animal just enough to where they wouldn't die, but suffer and wimp. Abusers find pleasure and laughter when they harm and animal which is extremely cruel. People would even stay and watch the whole process of the animal suffering because they though it was cool and funny. In conclusion, I think that it is wrong to torture and harm something that cannot stand up for itself. So we should all stand up and say “ stop animal abuse now!” because you know its wrong and it needs to be stopped.

How to help?

There is an organization that also wants this situation to stop. This organization is called ASPCA known as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They care for abused animals and want to help stop this. All they ask for is little donations every day or every once in awhile. All they ask for is 60 cents a day and it really helps. With the money they fund, they use it in order to cure animals and treat them if extremely harmed. They also use it to buy food, if the animal was starved. They really do help out animals who were harmed. So stand up and help stop animal cruelty!

These are some animals that are abused.