We are located in the Pyramids of Giza in Africa of Egypt.

How did we originate?

We are founded president Barrack Obama.

Type of economy

We have a market economy and traditional.

Type of government

The language

Our language we speak is English


The population of the pyramids of Giza is around 2,000 people.

Claim to fame

We have the biggest and richest pyramids of the world.

National Animal

Our national animal is a white tiger with black stripes.

What we trade ?

We trade gold and silver diamonds.

Our Trading Partners

North America, South America, Great Britain
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Membership in the U.N.


10 Laws

1. We do not approve of Stealing


3. Judgement

4.Counterfeit Money

5. Weapons/Knives

6. ONLY 8 hour shifts

7. We cannot sell fake Gold

8.Respect all Religions

9. Only can work if 16 or older

10. Men may be drafted into the military

3 Current Events

1.Gold, Metal flash 2.7 million notional dump

2.The gold price falls a five year low on July 20th

3.Gold waivers with the U.S. investors out for Labor Day