Travel Guide to Earth

Anika Stehlik

The Highest Peak on Earth, Mt. Everest

Challenges: You will have to have air/oxygen to climb because the peak is so tall. The peak is 29,035 feet tall. The summit reaches 5.5 miles above sea level.

Opportunities: Beautiful views of the mountain. Glaciers cover the sides of Mt. Everest and when they melt, water runs down sides and goes into the Nepal and Tibet rivers.

Packing List: Oxygen mask and tank, many layers of warm clothes including hats and gloves and very warm hiking/climbing boots.

Travel Tips: Visit Mt. Everest in the Spring or the Fall. April-May and September-November. It is the best time to visit Mt. Everest in these times because the weather isn't as harsh as it would be any other time of the year.

Savanna Grassland

Challenges: Not much rain. Soil isn't that great for the grasses.

Opportunities: Herbivore animals can survive on the limited trees and grasses. The carnivores survive on the herbivores. Farming is easy.

Packing List: A hat to protect your head from the sun. Shorts, it's gonna be hot. Short Sleeve T-Shirts.

Travel Tips: Watch out for the Wild Animals!

Amazon Rainforest

Challenges: There are bugs that carry deadly diseases, like Malaria.

Opportunities: Provides a lot of Oxygen.

Packing List: Bug spray and Binoculars. Bring clothes that will protect you from bugs. You will want to bring sandals or a regular pair of tennis shoes. Sunscreen that is high in SPF.

Travel Tips: A lot of Bugs.

Three Ways to Divide up the Earth

One way we humans divide up the Earth is by regions. Regions are when the land is divided into the Midwest, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast. Another way is by continents. The Seven continents are Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Europe and Asia are one big piece of land but, we call it two different continents.The last way we divide up the Earth is climate zones. Climate zones have to do with how cold or warm it is where you live. If you live closer to the middle of the Earth (equator) then it is warmer. If you live farther from the equator (North and South Poles) then it is colder there.You aliens need to know these ways because it will help you figure out direction on Planet Earth.
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Other Options to Visit

  • Yellowstone National Park to see Old Faithful in Action
  • The Grand Canyon
  • Niagara Falls
I suggest going to see these places because the views of these places are amazing.