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Major Applause for all the Rockstars!

I keep saying it - What an AMAZING April our team had! It was a record breaking month for our team and personal sales and sponsoring has never been stronger. I'm trying to figure out exactly what it is. You are all ROCKSTARS!

We had a very strong launch with the summer tote collection - I'm sure that played a role.
We had a $100 sign up bonus - of course that helped.
The weather is getting nicer and people are getting out more - True Story!
What do you think it could be?

Here is a little synopsis of what our TEAM has accomplished in April:
  • Highest # of Active Stylists (stylists selling whether it's one or 200 pieces)
  • Highest # of Qualified Stylists (stylists sell at least $500 in Retail)
  • Highest # of new team members added in one month
  • Highest Personal Monthly Sales for many team members - and this includes data from Q4!
  • Highest Group Volume EVER! As a TEAM, we were at 23000+ Which means we are almost at Director Level GCV and have surpassed the Associate Director GCV amount of 17000. This translates in about $41000 in retail sales - woohoo!
  • Fasted promotion on the team by Adrianna Markowitz going from Stylist, to Lead Stylist, to Senior Stylist all within her first 45 days. Congratulations!
  • And I have heard from many of you that you are ready to take your business to the next level and promote one or 2 levels by Hoopla!
  • Highest # of stylists from our team registered for Hoopla! (See below for more info on Hoopla)

So where do we go from here? I say we keep going up and the best way to get there is to make us the strongest TEAM possible - Remember, Together Everyone Achieves More and there is no "I" in TEAM!

It all starts with one Trunk Show. Have you been inactive for a while and want to jump start your business again OR is your calendar looking good but you want to sponsor? No matter what your business needs, reach out to your sponsor and set up a coaching call to discuss your goals. Now is the perfect time to do so (for all the reasons above). I truly believe that S&D is going places - and we are going fast! YOU can make it happen and WE are here to support you along the way!

Have an A-MAY-zing May!


A BIG, Heartfelt Welcome to our Newest Team Members

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Sponsor: Rene Kauder
  1. Lorna Ada
  2. Erika Holt

Sponsor: Sheila Markowitz

  1. Carolyn Foxwell

Sponsor: Adrianna Markowitz

  1. Patricia Rush
  2. Rebecca Chen

Sponsor: Jennipher Hagenmayer

  1. Tammy Schowalter

Our Top 10 in Retails Sales and those who Qualified for the Month of April!

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  1. Joelly Belman $7,725.01
  2. Rene Kauder $4,262.00
  3. Pamela Wimmer $3,922.50
  4. Jennipher Hagenmayer $3,452.14
  5. Jennifer Borges $3,420.00
  6. Adrianna Markowitz $3,419.90
  7. Leslie Borkenhagen $2,231.60
  8. Alison Wehri $1,792.40
  9. Erika Holt $1,605.00
  10. Nora Cumberbatch $1,300.43
  11. Kisha Brown-Richards $1,188.80
  12. Kimberly Rieara $1058.20
  13. Cynthia Beamer $1003.00
  14. Christina Landsman $690.00
  15. Jennifer Judge $659.83
  16. Lorna Ada $613.00
  17. Tracy Baschke $564.00
  18. Deanne Kasim $543.57
  19. Sheila Markowitz $535.00

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Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

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