Jane Ball Happenings

Week of Feb 15-Feb 19

What's Happening


No School


Costco rep here!

8:00 Team meetings

2:00 Deb Meets with High School Cadets- They will be with classroom teachers on Tues and Thursdays

2:45 Deb Haley Janet Ellen Case Conference


8:00 RTI

10:00 Case Conference

2:00 Case Conference


8:00 Marcie Meets with 3-5 and Title 1

Deb - at Central ALL day (Evaluation Design Team)


8:00 Grade Level Chairs Meeting

1:15 Case Conference


ISTEP part 1 Feb 29-March 11 Grades 3-5 (Schedules will be pushed out next week)

IREAD March 14-18

High School Cadets

The high school cadets will be starting next week. I will be doing an orientation with them on Tuesday at 2. The structure of the class has changed as they are now getting a course that is dual credit with IVY tech which requires some classroom requirements. There roll at JB is simply to observe and aide the teachers as they have in the past. Their teacher will be in the building with them one of the two days. I will be sending out an email to the teachers who signed up so we can place the teachers. I would like to meet with those teachers Tuesday morning in the library to assign the students. They can then go to their team meetings.

PGP Reminders

1) If the PD is a DISTRICT initiated workshop (PD) Central generates the certificates.

2) If the PD is a BUILDING based PD, the building principal is responsible for providing the points.

3) PD includes anything that supports and /or strengthens instructional practices, such as literacy workshops, staff development that impacts instruction etc. it does NOT include meetings that are procedural in nature. (Climate, RTI, etc).

4) As per the evaluation, teachers must get 15 PGPs yearly.

Shout Outs

Lori Micic for handling the yearbook pictures and operation lifesaver assembly ALL at once. WOW!

Leslie Klauk our most awesome guidance counselor and head dippy staff member for organizing the dip day! Also she has had to handle a huge amount of student in need the last few weeks, manage testing and deal with some attendance issues. To say that I am grateful is an understatement!

Nuts and Bolts

Teacher Observations- I will continue coming into classrooms to do shorts this week. Please feel free to send me an invite.

Please remember to share any newsworthy items with Lola Jean. If you email her it has been asked to cc me and Mr. Taylor.

Jeans- Please remember that jeans are fine on Fridays and with the Jean coupons. If your team is doing something or a project that requires you to get "messy" feel free to ask.

Indoor Recess and lunches

As our kids are getting a little cabin fever (we had several referrals during the recesses this last week) please front load proper behavior.