The Tiger Professor

Intro to Space


Good Day Class!!!

I hope that you are having a good Friday! Today we are going to be trying something new. You are going to log-in to your to your edu.symbaloo account. Click on the lino-it tab. You need to create an account.

An example of what you need to do:

Name: dmorgan (if this does not work you can add 19 to the front)


password: lunchnumberdm

Make sure to check the agree to terms check box.

If you already have an account then you need to log-in and find the group that I have shared with you.

1st Period will say 1st Period Intro to Science

2nd Period will say 2nd Period Intro to Science

3rd Period will say 3rd Period Intro to Science

4th Period will say 4th Period Intro to Science

Follow the directions on the page.