Winslow's Weekly Update

Looking ahead in Room B-4


We will begin our final unit in reading for the year. We will spend the next three weeks focusing on making inferences and drawing conclusions in our reading. The phonics sound we will be working on this week will be the dipthong /ou/ in words. (loud, clown, cow, count, owl...)

Apex Fun Run

We are off and "running" with our Apex Fun Run fundraiser! Our Apex coach, Tumbling Tasha comes to our room daily to teach us about the DREAM message. So far, we have learned about DIVING IN to our dreams and how to be RESOURCEFUL. If you have not had the chance to log into the Apex Fun Run site...please try to do that. There is no cost involved to log in and it will register your child and give you the opportunity to request a size for the t-shirt that each student will be given. Use the access code on your child's lanyard to log on. If you have any questions or are having trouble logging on...let me know and I will try to help. Thanks!


We are ready to begin Unit 10 in our math curriculum. In this unit we will be learning more about measurement. We will practice our measuring skills and also learn about rounding up or down.

Important News

***On Thursday, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum will be visiting first grade classes. They will present a Sunflower Supreme program to our students. We will review parts of a plant and get an opportunity to plant our own sunflowers. Look for your child to bring home their project on Thursday.

***Fun Run is on Friday! First grade will be running from 2:00-3:00. Come and cheer us on if you want! It will be a fun day!

***Reminder: My class will be wearing orange t-shirts for our Music/Poetry program on May 25th. Please help us out by having your child wear that color shirt on that day. Thanks!

Monday- PE Tuesday- Music Wednesday-PE Thursday-Music Friday- PE