The Closet

by sidney


"lets play hide and seek" said ,Isabella. "OK"said,Jennifer. "i will count first"said, Isiana. While Isiana was counting Haley,Jennifer,and Isabella went to go hide. Jennifer went to go hide in the closet.While the other girls hide in the bathroom and under the bed.

Rising Action

While Jennifer was hiding she leaned back so she could hide herself some more. She fell back unexpectedly,she got up and saw she was some were else. she was scared, she thought she was day dreaming,but she was not.she looked around to see where she was,but the place was not coming to mind. she stared to walk to see if there was any one there to tell her ware she was. While she was walking she saw something in the corner of her eye.''Who's there'' Jennifer,said, but no one answered. when she blinked her eyes she was back in the closet.She was so freaked out and ran out of the closet.She ran into Jennifer and she said, ''your it now''. Then all of the girls came out of their hiding places.Jennifer told her friends about what happened ,but they did not believe her.


The next day she went back.she wonted to look around,and see if any one lived there.While she was walking she saw something in the corner of her eye."who is that" Jennifer,said. But no one answered . A few seconds later something came out of the bushes. "Who are you"said, Jennifer "i am wild" said the monster. They started talking and wild said he would show Jennifer around. So she got to meet other monsters ,and she really liked them. They were very nice to her, and she liked that. Then it was time for her to go home so she left. The next day she went back there was a really bad show storm. Some of the monsters got sick and some of them died. So she went back to her room and got her friends to help them feel better. When she got her friends to her house she went in the closet and went back to the place.she told her friends to follow her ,so they did. They got to meet the monsters and they helped her make the monsters feel a lot more better. When she went back to her room her friends said they were sorry they did not believe her