Teacher Cadet Weekly Logs

Thursday, October 18- Thursday, October 25

Thursday, October 18

Today in class we were put into groups of two or three and were asked to build a structure made out of paper clips, straws, popsicle sticks, play dough, and a sheet of paper without speaking to our partner or partners. I mainly communicated with my partner through "signing". I think this activity stressed the importance of language because it was difficult communicating with my partner and brainstorming ideas without talking to them. It was interesting to see how dependent we are on language and speaking.

Monday, October 22

Today in class we learned about Lev Vygotsky and Social Cognitive Development. Vygotsky stressed the importance of culture, play, language, and interactions with adults in learning. He came up with the Zone of Proximal Development to show differences in learning. Vygotsky also thought self talk or "internalized talking", consious awareness or awareness of self, language, ideas, etc., and testing were important for cognitive development.

I agree with Vygotsky in that adults are crucial for learning because I do not think children can learn everything by themselves. They need adult guidance. I also think that culture is important because our culture influences how and what we think. I agree that play is important, too. It is a fun way to learn and interact socially.

Tuesday, October 23

Today in class Mrs. Barber showed us examples of scaffolding and ZPD. There was a list of letters and we had to decide what letter was missing on our own. Then, she gave us a hint, and, later, we could use partners. Scaffolding was the hint and the help we got while trying to solve the problem. Then, she gave us another similar problem and repeated the same process. I noticed that the second problem was was easier to solve. I'm sure that if she gave us more problems like the previous ones we would soon be able to solve them on our own. This helped me understand ZPD and scaffolding better. I can see how helpful these ideas could be to teaching.

Wednesday, October 24

Today in class Taylor, Claire, and Katie presented their lifeline projects. I enjoyed watching their presentations. All of their presentations were very creative and near. Taylor used a rope to show her development, Claire used a house, and Katie used a track. I think that it is very beneficial for the class to learn about the other classmates. I think it helps us relate to each other better which could help our performance in class.

Thursday, October 25

Today in class Mrs Barber wasn't there. Our substitutes name was Mr. Purcell. Mrs. Barber left us the movie, "The Water is Wide", to watch but Mr. Purcell could not figure out how to use make it play. This made many of us frustrated because we wanted to watch the movie. Finally, Mr. Mihoulides came to the rescue and brought the class a TV. We didn't get to finish the entire movie, but what we watched of the movie was very good.