What's up in D121?

Welcome Back!

YAY-normalcy again- we will have 3 full weeks of school before our half week that ends on Wednesday, December 19th. The students came back Monday somewhat different-I could tell they were ready to hit the ground running and finish the year strong! I missed them a lot over the break and was HAPPY to see their faces and get their hugs!

Loads of learning.

Science: We are continuing with our study of Force and Motion. We will do another week long test the week of December 10th. Testing this way allows the students to have time to study fewer things each night.

Math: We just finished our Mean, Median and Mode. I was disappointed by the quiz. We will work with them some more and quiz again on December 5th. We are going to begin working on investigations and probability and we will finish this before break. This test will be on December 12th.

ELA: Reading level assessments are going well I will have these completed by the Holiday break and I look forward to sharing them with you. The students are also working to complete a informational text writing about the things we are learning in Math, Science and Social Studies.

Social Studies: I have been very proud of the students grades on the first two ss quizzes. We are beginning to move into the Muckraker and some of the unfortunate things that happened in meat processing plants and factories. We will have an immigrant quiz tomorrow on Nov. 29th.

One word to describe me....PROUD!

Our class have been working with Ms.Pursley's class (Special Education) to complete a project for Mean, Median and Mode. Your child has done an amazing job working with their play buddy to help them with their communication skills. I thought the students would enjoy this but, boy I had no idea how well it would work! GREAT JOB FIFTH GRADERS!

Please feel free to contact me anytime through email or by phone!