Dean Winchester

The Tragic Hero

Qualities of a Tragic Hero

- the character embodies nobility and virtue

- though the character is great, they are in some way flawed

- the character's downfall is partially their fault

- the character's misfortune is not wholly deserved

- the character's fall is not pure loss (usually some gained self-knowledge or discovery)

- though it is sad, the tragedy does not leave the audience in a state of depression

Why Dean should be considered a tragic hero

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1. He is the embodiment of nobility and virtue.

This guy has saved hundreds of people. Literally hundreds. Whether it be from demons, ghosts, monsters, this guy's done it all.

2. Although Dean is great, he does have his flaws.

Despite saving tons of people, he has caused the deaths of innocents. He lies, cheats, and steals to get what he wants and can't afford to show any remorse.

3. His downfall is partially his fault.

After his brother, Sam, is stabbed and killed, Dean sells his soul to bring his brother back to life. After a year of failing to find a way out, Dean is torn apart by hellhounds and his soul is dragged into Hell.

4. His misfortune is not wholly deserved.

All he really wanted to do was find his dad, who had previously gone missing. He didn't ask to be dragged into a supernatural war. In this case, the punishment was more than the crime.

5. There is some gained knowledge or discovery.

After being pulled out of Hell, he is faced with an angel named Castiel who explains the war between angels and demons that he is a part of whether he wants it or not.

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Dean meeting the angel Castiel

You're a part of this life whether you like it or not. - Dean to Sam Winchester