Macbeth - script writing task

Bedggood's Year 10 English class 2013

The task

Your group has been commissioned to rewrite a part of the Shakespeare play, Macbeth, so that young teenagers might be able to enjoy the story in a modern-day adaptation.  You must stick true to the original storyline but, in translation, you may add or edit it slightly so that it is easy to follow and flows naturally throughout.  Your group must write a script, act it out and provide a rationale explaining the choices made and reasons behind why you did the things that you did.

Assessment Criteria

Comprehend a range of written, spoken and multimodal texts

You are demonstrating to me how well you have understood the play in your translation (the script) but also in how you act out the scene (do you stay true to the original story).

Analyse and critically evaluate the innovative use of features and structures in texts, including literary and technical techniques

This will be demonstrated in the attention to the finer details of the script (eg stage directions, props, characterisation) and in the performance (how you choose to portray your character).  It might also appear in your translation (eg use of imagery, emotive words, metaphors/similes etc).

Identify and explain values, attitudes and assumptions about characters and events in a variety of texts

Your choices in how you present your character or interpret the events in the play will demonstrate to me how well you understood the intentions of the author.  You are able to use some creative liberties with how you interpret the scenes and characters.

Create well-structured and engaging texts for specified purposes

The main purpose of a play is that it is entertaining!  The purpose of a script is to give the actors clear instructions about how to present the play.  A rationale is the explanation of your choices (see scaffold).  Follow the guides about presentation and you are most of the way there.  Do it in an entertaining, imaginative way and then you will be right on track!

Deliver formal and informal oral presentations using language and presentation skills for effect

This is all about how well you act - use of voice, costumes, stage presence, how well you stay in character, remembering lines etc.

Plans, reviews and proofreads own writing using accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation

Concentrate on the presentation of your work.  Utilise the drafting and editing process.  Make it look pretty!