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For the Week of May 4-8, 2020


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6th Grade AVID 101

Hello 6th grade students and parents. Please remember that it is important to check your Outlook Email and Schoology page daily. This week we will be looking into learning through inquiry. We will learn the three different levels of Costa's Questioning and how using these questions can deepen your understanding of knowledge in any class. Please let us know if you are having any difficulty opening or completing your assignments. You can contact us during office hours through email at rebeccagliniecki@usd475.org or crystalholzer@usd475.org.

7th and 8th grade AVID Electives

Please continue to check your Outlook email and Schoology pages daily. AVID students should be taking advantage of tutorial sessions with college tutors once a week for help with their core classes.

7th grade - We will begin our college research unit learning about all of the different types of colleges that are available for you inside and outside of the United States.

8th grade - We will discus the transition from middle school into 9th grade. It is a big step and you want to be prepared!

Please let us know if you are having any trouble opening or completing assignments. We are available during office hours at rebeccagliniecki@usd475.org or crystalholzer@usd475.org.


You can access the weekly Band Newsletter by clicking HERE.


Careers e-Learning

Wildcat Families,

I hope all is well!

Next week the postcard project is due (80%). (May 8th) Many students have already turned it in and their grades have been posted. There is on daily work assignment due on Friday as well (20%). If the students have already completed the postcard, then they will only have the one assignment for the week.

I appreciate all the students who are doing their work. I know this is not an easy task for the students. If a student is having difficulty with anything, please have them contact me, and I will help them through the process. If students have any missing work they will have until May 21st to turn it in with no penalty.

I will have the entire weeks assignments posted on Friday by 3:00 pm. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive

Mr. Moneypenny

Careers Teacher

785-380-7462 (Call or Text)



6th Grade

Innovators and Makers

App Creators


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The New Consumer Economics & Money Management Wise Generation

Thank you! Thank you, to all of the parents and guardians for helping your 7th and 8th grade FACS students learn valuable life lessons during our online Consumer Economics & Money Management Unit. I am so proud of those students who have been turning in amazing well thought out reflections about how this unit has impacted them for a better future. Playing board games involving real life money making decisions were even apart of the curriculum and family game night provided an opportunity for better student engagement. Here are the reflection comments of two of our students “I have learned a lot during this unit. For myself it is very difficult to manage my money but now I know how to save and budget my money. I also know a lot more about the debit card I use and some useful things about credit cards that I will need to know in the future. I can now write checks and I know how to balance in a check register. I have also learned about different types of smart goals which have helped me in purchasing a pet chameleon. I’ve learned about different types of expenses and what category the expenses go in. Overall this was a super helpful unit and I’m glad I got to learn it.” Skylar Fisher

“I learned how your identity can be taken and how to prevent that from happening. I also learned how to manage your money and your time. In the future this information will help me keep money for the most important stuff. From this lessoned learned everything that I need to know about having savings and checking’s accounts and debit/credit cards because I will need those for my money in the future. I also learned how to balance a checkbook and how to write a check. Which if I will need to know how to do in the future. Thanks for teaching me all these things some of it was easy and some of it was hard. I found some of these things very interesting. I really love working with numbers.” Aliya Smith

A special thank you to Zach Bender and his family for letting me share their photo.

Foreign Language

6th grade- We will be discussing how much French students already know.

French class- We will be learning about French sports.

Technology (Robtoics, STEM and Design and Modeling)

Design and modeling- This week we working on our flight and space unit. Students will be researching and selecting a certain time period to add to our timeline of the history of flight and space. Students will also pick from one of the two simulations and do a reflection.

Robotics- This week we continue working on our robotic hand project. This project should be completed by the end of the week with either video instructions on how to make their project, detailed pictures showing step by step how to create it or written instructions.

Please Check Schoology for updates and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Math Strategies

8th Grade Math Strategies

7th Grade Math Strategies

6th Grade Math Strategies


6th-8th Multimedia


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Physical Education / Strength & Conditioning

Reading Strategies


JCMS Library Media Center

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Vocal Music

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