Intro to Special Education

By Anthony White

What to expect as a student?

I expect to be able to understand kids and how they feel. To find out what i want to do in life whether that is being a teacher or a pilot or an engineer. Only way to find out is to try it and see how i like it.

What do I plan on learning?

I hope to learn to how to cope and deal with people with special needs and understand how to teach them and the right way to handle situations.

Why i choose to take this class?

In my lifetime, i have had many family members with a learning disability and or some mental health issue that restricts them from learning or being accepted by family and or friends. With this beginning class i hope to learn how to help them along with myself and find a better way to learn and teach them the right from the wrong.

What will my difficulties be?

I, myself have trouble concentrating on many things. I have started medication that will help improve my learning skill and how to deal with others like me.

Some examples of learning disability.


Notice some signs of Learning Disability