Origami Owl® Jewelry Bar Event

Fundraiser for TEAM ETHAN... hosted by Anne Gallagher

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From April 5th - 21st...

...every Origami Owl® order from this event online and at the LatinMIX/ZUMBA-thon...100% of the proceeds of this Jewelry Bar will be donated to Team Ethan to help purchase equipment/gear needed for Ethan, Rachel & the entire
Triathlon Team {30+ girls & boys}.

****If anyone schedules a Jewelry Bar{between 4/5-4/21} for a future date... 10% of that Jewelry Bar will be donated to Team Ethan!****

****In addition, with a purchase of a chain and locket, will receive a green ribbon charm as a "Thank You" gift from me for your support.****

Two ways to order/purchase:

1. Shop online ANYTIME via link:
http://www.annemariegallagher.origamiowl.com/parties /TeamEthanLatinMIXZUMBAthon272288/collections.ashx

2. At the LatinMIX/ZUMBA-thon on April 12th 6:00pm - 8:00pm {Kent State Ballroom}

Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, birthdays, etc... there is a locket to create
for any occasion and help a great cause at the same time! What could be better!

What Is Origami Owl®?

Origami Owl® Living Lockets are unique customizable lockets you fill with charms, plates & crystals that tell your story!

Origami Owl® has HUNDREDS of pieces to choose!

So whether it's for you or someone special..you are sure to create that one-of-a-kind special keepsake(s)!

PERSONALIZED...THOUGHTFUL...and BEST of all...created by YOU!

Prices range from about $35-$95 {on average} for a locket, a chain & charms... delivered to you via our adorable jewelry pouch & custom takeout box!

Happy Shopping!!!

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