Freedom is in Your Hands

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Welcome to Hannastan! You will love it here with the Democratic Government we have! Here in Hannastan it is up to the people, freedom is truly in your hands you know. If you meet the voting requirements you are able to vote for not only our congressmen and women that represent us, you are also entitled to vote for the President of Hannastan! (Voting requirements say you have to be a citizen of Hannastan and be at least 18 years or older). One awesome thing about Hannastan is that the power the government holds is split up between different levels, this is called a Federal Government. This was put into place so not one group of people gain too much power - ultimately ensuring the people that they will always have a say. Another awesome part about Hannastan is our mixed economy, meaning the central government doesn’t have total control of the exporting/importing economy here! Within our government there are different political parties with the top three bring Democratic, Republican, and Independent.


Hannastan is located conveniently on the west border of Australia and the Indian Ocean is surrounding the eastern side. Hannastan has a little bit of everything including beautiful scenery, exotic plants and animals, beaches, desserts, and the heavy populated cities.

Characteristics of Hannastan

Hannastan is heavily populated on the western boarder but there are also rural farms closer to the boarder of Australia. Hannastan has a population of about 30 million but is continuously growing in size. The capitol of Hannastan is New Angeles, but Hannastan has many large cities including, San Houston, Fort Dallas, Portville and many more. The people of Hannastan are generous, kind-hearted people with only good intentions. Hannastan has many allies and some include the United States of America, South Korea, Israel, China and Japan. While Hannastan doesn't seem to have many enemies some still exist including Russia and Iran. The official language of Hannastan is English. We pride ourselves in having such a low unemployment rate in Hannastan, and with most people being employed we are known as a wealthy country. But with us being a wealthy country it help thats we are so advanced with our knowledge of technology.

Natural Resources

The leading natural resource found in Hannastan is coal. Coal is an essential part of Hannastan in terms of jobs and money. Coal mining not only gives many jobs to the people of Hannastan, but coal also brings in a lot of money through exporting and supplying it to major countries including China.

Conflicts Hannastan Faces

Hannastan, like many other countries have conflicts and environmental issues including, pollution, over fishing, deforestation, global warming.

Guaranteed Paradise