News Flash

February 15-19

Save the (Day)tes:

March 9: 3rd Quarter AR Cut Date

March 14-18: IREAD

March 21-25: Spring Break

From Mrs. Sternberg...

ISTEP testing will begin on Monday, Feb 29th and continue through March 11th. This first round of testing is the Applied Skills portion where students are asked to work problems, explain their reasoning, and read and respond to the text while citing evidence, to name a few things! We are working on the testing schedule so that the entire EAST Campus is testing at the same time with minimal distractions and with the least number of testing days and times for the students (and teachers). With this in mind, we certainly appreciate your help in making sure your child is at school on time, does not need to leave for appointments during the day, is well rested and has a good breakfast to fuel the brain. Thank you in advance for your help!

AR Cut Date: March 9...Have you reached your goal?!?

What's Happening?

Math: We will continue to review some fraction concepts that we are struggling with, but we are moving into geometry this week. The kids are quickly realizing how important having their multiplication facts memorized is when they are trying to reduce fractions, find equivalent fractions, etc. Keep studying those facts! Test prep stations on Thursday.

Reading: continue n/f text features, stations on Wednesday/Friday, Lit Circle Tues/Friday

English: Chapter 6, DOL quiz Friday

Writer's Workshop: constructed response

Religion: verse Thursday

Spelling: tic tac toe Thursday, Test Friday

Science: minerals

Social Studies: