I would like to introduceis the newspaper with title « 1 september, English»

In is published in Moskow in 16-31 October, 2007.

It is issue in 15-31 October, 2007.

There are 48 pages in it. The main rubrics are:

1) Teachers forum

2) Language skills

3) Methods of teaching

4) Business English

5) For young readers

6) Focus on language

7) Classroom activities

8) British studies

9) School theatre

10) Tests

11) Youth english section

It is a quality, professional paper for teachers.

You can read about interesting stories, make some tests, read about focuses on language, about grammar and another.

The information in the newspaper is up- date.

You can use for your, homework, reports and just for fun.

It is illustrated with pictures, statistics, comments, historical documents.

It is optimistic, fun, amazing in fact.

And more information about newspaper, you can read in recourses on www.

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Newspaper "1september"

Now I wiil talk about one of topics in the newspaper «1 september , English» , « Our hobbies».

A lot of people say here about them hobbies.

For example, 1) Sarah is collecting stamps. It is very interesting. A lot of people do it. Everyone in life they will be useful, for example, when a person sends a letter.

2) Ben is cooking. It is very cool, that boy can cook and loves it became not all girls like cook. So Ben maybe in the future he will be a cook. Everybody like tasty food.

3) Polly is reading. It is very useful for everybody. A lot of people don’t like read, so they are not very educate. Everybody must to read encyclopedias, newspaper and magazines.

4) Mark look after his pet. He probably loves dogs, so his pet is dog. He cares for them. Maybe he will be a vet. It is good.

5) Judy is making models. It is very cool for girls. It is interesting. The people, who want make models, must to have a good fantasy.

The newspaper «1 september , English»

More information you can read here.

Russian State Library

Now about Russian State library. RUSSIAN STATE LIBRARY was founded in 1862. It took over 140 years of everyday effort and devotion of hundreds of staff to become what we are now — the legendary 'Leninka'. Today the Library comprises a unique collection of Russian and foreign documents in 247 languages, stocking over 43 mln library items. It is also renowned for its specialised collections of maps, published and sheet music, audio records, rarities, dissertations, newspapers and other stock categories. Inspired by its history and backed up with today’s potential, the Library is emerging into the future along the four strategic vectors.Russian State library was founded in 1862 and called the Rumyantsev library. In 1924 the library remaned ofter Lenin and became the country’s national library. Russian’s State l library is in Moscow. it is also Moscow’s first public library. It is the national library of Russia, located in Moscow. It is the largest library in Europe for its collection of books (17.5 million). State library of the USSR from 1925 until it was remaned in 1992 as the Russian State Library.

Gymnasium library

Our Gymnasium library. Here you can see a lot of encyclopedia, magazins and books. I often visiting this library. I like to sit with a book after school.

Our library and our dear librarians have some certificates. In last year, one of the teachers went to Moscow to get awards.

Our school has 45,000 books! That is cool. There is also a newest and oldest book.

every year, the school awarded 200 million rubles for the buying new books.

I like our library!

Library of Langepas

Langepas also has a public library. it is very big. it is visited by many people. The library has three hools. Our library is not very big, but here very interesting.


I think, that libraries play a significalt part in everybody’s life. Libraries help people to be educated, because if people didn’t go to the libraries , they would be stupid and couldn’t get a job and to reach the heights in life. The libraries are important. They help people to be clever and teach a lot of people from childhood. I like libraries and respect people, who work there, because they help people. I have a lot of impressions about the library of Congress.

I want to talk about libraries. Unfortunately, not all people go to the library. Somebody just don’t like to read, somebody don’t want to go in the library.