why Will should get an iPhone 6

all the reasons!

1.It is a good phone!

There are a lot of apple haters out there which is surprising but anyway the IPhone 6 is one of the best phones with almost a 4k camera and many options that another phone might not have, everything in the IPhone 6 fits together well and no doubts maintains its look!
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iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus - Reveal

This all sounds expensive?

As an expensive Christmas gift, I will try to pay for more than half of it and I am willing to work to help pay it off
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how can I trust you not to break it?!

I have broken about 3 devices and now I have learned not to download laggy games and to be careful and not to drop it


The IPhone 6 is built with an edge around the screen so if it I drop it, the screen will have a much less chance of breaking. So it should last a while
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what will you use it for?!

for means of communication and entertainment, sometimes when a message needs to get delivered but there is not much hope for the other person to receive it but with a phone I will get the chance one time or another, simple to serious

So this will be another electronic to deal with!

I depends how you look at it: the way I look at it is it will be a means for communication and a fun way for me and dad to play clash of clans sometimes and compare progress. here is the way I want you to see it: this will be a way will to communicate with us and expand on how much information is exchanged.

A lot of people have them

This depends how you look at it what you might see is I am trying to fit in and be "cool" but the way I see it is that many people trust IPhone and trust their kids with one