Everyday Hero

Alexandra Llumiguano

Lauren Prezioso

Lauren Prezioso is an everydat hero because when she was in vacacion in the beatch a women shout that his childrens they were being wached ashiored, Lauren that was eight months pregnant, jump to the sea, she swim to the childrens and take their. She prove to swim to the coast, but is very difficult when you take two childrens that can't swim and you are pregnant. When she think that they were going to die a person go to help she. Twenty -three days after she gave birth to her daughter, Mila

She at this time don't work in anithing because she was pregnant.

In her free time she was voluntier life guard in beatchs and swiming pools

She lives in Australia when all this things were happened

She loves they sea, so is this the cause that she go to the beatch

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