Lance's Ledger

April 27 - May 1 at Central Elementary

Professional Deveolpment

Last week Angie, Janey and Eric shared further information in our series of professional development focused on Formative Assessment. One of the points mentioned was the fact that input from teachers has led to a practice of developing professional topics versus presenting one-shot initiatives. Throughout the year it has been interesting to watch members of our team begin to ask deeper questions about the implementation and ongoing refinement of formative assessment. The questioning and discussion opens up professional dialogue and forms the foundation for true DEVELOPMENT of professional practice. It is the professional discussion that ingrains and moves ideas from theory into practice. Be proud of yourself as you experience the "Aha! " moments.

Reading Motivation

Recently, Kelly, Fritz assisted a struggling student with his lack of motivation when it came to reading. As she thought about this young man she realized he had a special interest in informational text and found that he loved to read about fishing. Her student chose to read a book about fly fishing. This is when things became real motivating!

It just so happens that Kelly's husband is an avid fly fisherman and makes his own lures. Kelly made a deal with her student to the tune of..."You work hard on your reading and I may just know someone who will visit and show you how to tie your very own fishing fly."

On April 24 Mr. Fritz visited Room 202 and made a young man's reading experience come to life. There were many smiles from all the students in Mrs. Fritz's room as they all had a chance to learn a bit about fly fishing from their special visitor.

This Week at Central

Monday, April 27
  • M-STEP Testing begins for Grade 4

Tuesday, April 28

  • M-STEP Testing continues for Grade 4
  • PLCs

Wednesday, April 29

  • Staff Meeting 7:35 - 8:15 AM in the library; Agenda: Supt. Lieske presents Election Update Facts
  • Supt. Lieske visits 8:30 -9:30
  • M-STEP Testing continues for Grade 4
  • Lance at Admin. from 1:15 - 3:15 PM for DESA CMC

Thursday, April 30

  • Author Visit
  • Eval observations

Friday, May 1

  • M-STEP Testing continues for Grade 4

Looking Ahead

May 4...DIBELs Window begins May 4/Closes May 15; M-STEP for Grade 4 continues through May 15

May 4 - 8...Staff Appreciation Week; Save Wednesday ( May 6) for lunch provided by PTO

May 6...PD- School Improvement; Tornado Drill # 3; Eval observations in PM

May 7...Eval observations in AM

May 12...Fire Drill # 6

May 25...No School...Memorial Day

Guest Principal to Assist

During the month of May Ron Adam will be assisting a few days at Central and Gates while principals complete evaluation observations. I have listed the specific days he will be assisting me so you don't get confused with days he is at Central to observe student teachers. Ron will be helping me in an administrative role on:

  • April 30 (all day)
  • May 7 (PM)
  • May 8 (AM)
  • May 13 (all day)
  • May 14 (PM)
  • May 21 (PM)
  • May 22 (all day)
  • May 27 (all day)

M-STEP Begins

This week we begin M-STEP assessment for Grade 4. The Grade 4 portion runs through May 15. On May 18 through June 5 Grade 3 students will be taking the M-STEP. This will be a new experience for us as well as for our students. Students know what they know and our job is to help provide an encouraging testing environment for our students. Last week I stopped by classrooms to speak with students and express I know they will do their best. I also want teachers to know I have confidence that you will do well in your roles as test administrators. I know we will support each other and our students in dealing with any "inconveniences" that may arise. Remember to stay calm and positive. Our attitude is under our control.

During M-STEP Testing I ask all staff members to support our test takers by maintaining quiet zones in hallways and when coming in from recess. Thank you to our specials teachers for their willingness to work with colleagues to rearrange schedules and to lower grade teachers for being flexible as well. The M-STEP testing schedule has posed some challenges but our team has come together in stellar fashion. Thanks to everyone for your past efforts and anticipated support throughout the coming weeks.

Another M-STEP Note

Teachers will find additional M-STEP schedules in mailboxes Monday. The schedules include some last minute changes that teachers brought forward. Thanks to everyone for viewing, reviewing, and revising schedules as needed!