Shaywyatt 2/Mrs.Green


Marine food web

The primary producer is the small fish on the green thing and the secondary consumer is the next fish then the tertiary consumer is the next threat eat the other fish then the other is the bigger fish

Three organisms

I choose the smaller fish in the beginning ,and the prdators fish ,and the whale. The role that they play is in the benthic organism is the producer and the consumer is the prdators fish then the whale eats the prdators fish. Because if the prdators fish is is decreasing then the benthic organism would increase then the others fish would decrease in the food web so it keeps on flowing

The human impact on the environment

The human leave their trash in the sea so fish can die and the humans eat the fish so they actually don't know what they are eating in the fish the positive ways are they will not keep on putting stuff in the water and the negative ways is that the human eat more fish so that the fish will keep on increasing