For a Fantastic Ocean Week!

A Successful Study of the Kelp Forest!

The Fourth Grade Team would like to take a moment to recognize our WONDERFUL Ocean Week coordinator, Mrs. Stacey Phillips. She spent many hours meeting with teachers, coordinating volunteers, and organizing supplies. Her involvement helped to make this week's ocean studies so enjoyable for the children, and an overall success! Mahalo, Stacey!

We'd also wish to thank ALL the parent volunteers who helped prep, photocopy, assist in our hands-on labs, and prepare/organize food for our seaweed smorgasbord today. Without their help, we would not have been able to accomplish all of the education that we did over the past week+!

Finally, we appreciate your donations to the Solana Santa Fe PTO, which helps to make Ocean Week a reality, and a fond memory, for our students. Until next year...Aloha!