Threats of GMOs

By: Alan Wang

What Are The Threats of genetically modified crops?

There are a variety of threats to GM crops, but these are a few:

  • GM crops could possibly be harmful to certain people with allergens
  • GM technology is possible to hurt many small agricultural farmers who are unable to purchase it
  • GM crops are possible to hurt the environment or wildlife
  • Many people feel that genetically modifying crops is wrong because nature should modify itself
  • Many people feel that GM companies are only interested in money, not the welfare of its consumers
  • Many people believe that GM crops have not been tested enough by regulating companies, but have been shipped to consumers anyway

Should We continue to genetically modify crops?

It is vital that we, as people, not meddle with things that we cannot fully contain. Studies with butterflies have shown that those who ate genetically modified plants were less likely to hatch compared to those to ate regular milkweed plants. There are so many unknown factors about genetically modified organisms. It would be best if people slowed down and experimented more, or better yet, let Mother Nature do her job.