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Electrons are subatomic particles, with a negative charge. Electrons are thought to be elementary particles because of no known components or substructure. Electrons spin around the atom's core at high speeds (traveling around 2,200 kilometers per second) that is less than 1% of the speed of light.
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The Proton like the Electron is a subatomic particle located within the atom. The charge of a Proton and the mass is less than a Neutron's. Protons and Neutrons share the center of the Atom, think of them as roommates in a way, each Proton is approximately one atomic mass.
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Neutron, no not the cartoon but the subatomic particle located in the middle of the atom with Proton. They have no net electric charge and a mass a little bigger then a Protons. Like I mentioned before Neutrons and Protons share the atom like a college dorm room. The Neutron is needed for the production of nuclear power.
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Atoms are basic building blocks of matter. That make everyday items like this keyboard, or the screen, even your own finger. There are about 90 natural kinds of atoms, scientists have made about 25 more.
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