Neil Armstrong Elementary

Dr. Stevenson's Weekly News- Week 13

What's happening?

Dear staff,

Here are some updates for this week:

  • Happy birthday on Tuesday to Donna Hafner and Lori LeBarge!
  • Thanks to everyone for adjusting to our cold temperatures so quickly. I know many of our kids are not coming to school dressed for these temperatures. Please keep communicating in your newsletters the need for warm clothing for recess. I am glad we started bringing them inside for the before school time this past week! It wasn't a day too soon!
  • Keep up the great work with the reading challenge! We are very close to our next miles goal. I believe we are going to see a dance troupe from Africa next, but Colleen can give us an update on the who/what/when/where soon!
  • I hope you all enjoyed your time at grade level or content area meetings last Wednesday. I know the kindergarten meeting I was at went well and we got to discuss Wonders, enVisions, ST Math, FAST, and common data like a data team meeting almost.
  • For future planning on your calendar, we will NOT have a staff meeting on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. Shooting Stars will be gone to the Festival of Trees and we have Rock-It tutoring.
  • Patty is serving on the district calendar committee. She has the draft the district has shared and we made a draft A for NA that is basically the same as this year, a draft B with fall intersession and no spring intersession, and a draft C with spring intersession and no fall intersession. Give your feedback to Patty :) Thank you for giving me your feedback at last Monday's staff meeting about balanced calendar.
  • At the bottom of this memo is the link to WQAD's story about our new partnership with Alcoa and the United Way. 4th grade students are matched up 1:1 with volunteers who are Alcoa employees. They meet once or twice a week with their buddy before or after school or at lunch. We have about 20 Alcoans that are helping. The fourth graders love reading to and listening to their buddy read. I owe a big thank you to Jenni Watkins for organizing the schedule for the Alcoans and the kids as well as helping with the volunteer training with Danielle and me. Hopefully this is one of many opportunities to partner with Alcoa!

November 17-21

Weekly Plan

Monday November 17

8:00 IEP with Jodi and Jessica

9:40 5th grade collaboration meeting

10:40 4th grade collaboration meeting

12:00 Coaching conversations with Dr. Sue for Maria, Lori, Erika, and Jessica

12:45 1st grade collaboration meeting

1:45 Kindergarten collaboration meeting

6:00 School board meeting

7:00 4th and 5th grade orchestra concert @ PAC

Tuesday November 18

8:00 TAT

8:00 IEP with Jodi and Adrianna

8:35 2nd grade collaboration meeting

10:45 3rd grade collaboration meeting

1:30 Administrators' meeting

3:30 IEP with Chuck and Tisha

6-8 NA PTA rollerskating party @ Eldridge

Wednesday November 19

11:45 NA Core team meeting with Danielle, Anne, Lori, Barb, and Christy

3:30 IEP with Jodi and Scott

Thursday November 20

2:00 Preschool collaboration meeting

7:00 5th grade band concert @ PAC

Friday November 21

9:00 Weekly school counselor meeting w/Ms. Breier

10:45 Weekly office staff meeting

2:30 Weekly instructional coaches meeting w/Mrs. Reed & Mrs. Watkins