The Virginia colony

By:Isabella dorman


Think of Virginia now all the ten story buildings but let's take a step back into time to colonial Virginia. The Early Virginians where people that where at Virginia before most people knew about Virginia, and some of them where people like Powhatan, Pochahontas and John Smith.Those are some examples of early Virginians. Jamestown was a home to many Englishmen from England coming to the new world. What would you do if you where a kid in the new world? Would you work and do chores? Would you have to go to school? was there even school back then? There is a small lick of colonial Virginia.

Early Virginians

The first people in Virginia where called the Early Virginians do you want to find out who they are? At four in the morning April 26,1607 three ships filled with Englishmen coming to the new world found Virginia. John Smith was a man on one of those three ships. He is a explorer looking for gold like King George the I ordered him to. When the brave explorers loaded off the three ships they knew they where not alone there where about thirty Indian tribes, but the two that we are going to the all about are Pochahontas and Powhatan. Powhatan was Pochahontas's father he had over ten wives. Powhatan was like a Indian king but its called a Werowance. The Indians believed if someone knew your real name they could cast evil spells and hex's on you. Pochahontas's real name is Matoaka but when she got married to John Rolfe she got baptized under the name Rebeca. I hope you know a lot more about the early Virginians than you knew before.


Did you know that Jamestown was in Virginia? Well it is! Now lets find out some more cool facts about Jamestown. Did you know that the Jamestown settlers built there fort in the shape of a triangle, and on each side of the triangle they set a small cannon for more protection of there fort? when the settlers came to Jamestown they where sent to find gold, they where called Conquestadors. for food they had good soil so they could grow things like corn, beans, squash, and sunflower seeds. Most covenuances where made of wood or clay because, they came to the new world without a lot of things from England so they lived with what they had or you could say living off the land. Jamestown was a beautiful piece of land from the greenest of grass to the breath taking night skys, many people live there today!

Childhood life

Imagine being a kid in a new country we get scared on the first day of a new school but in a new country the nerve racking excitement!!! girls had to where almost the same close as a there mom when they turned ten when they where nine and under they had to where a thing called a pudding. If you went to school because most didn't it was a small one room schoolhouse and you wouldn't have a teacher you would have a schoolmaster. when you got home you wouldn't play vidieo games or text your friends but you would have chores feed the animals get them water and that's only two you would probably have more than thirteen. Virginia was a southern colony so there was a 90% chance that you would live on a plantation and have to take care of the animals.that's how you would have to live your life as a child in the new world.


Now do you know more about Virginia? Is there some things you did not know? After Pochohontas left Virginia married to John Rolfe she wanted to get baptized under the maiden name Rebeca. Jamestown's Indians built there name in the shape of a dome. At a young age girls had to learn how to sew. Most girls mastered sewing before they where in 1st grade!!! I hope you learned a lot about colonial Virginia.


  • Early Virginians- people that are in Virginia that where there before most people.
  • Englishman -men coming to the new world searching for gold and riches.
  • Pudding- a neck pillow that a baby that where's around its belly that protects it when it falls.
  • Werowance- a V.I.P that is almost a king to a lot of Indian tribes.


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Online :
* Colonial Virginia: Virginia/Maryland