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Teaching is a profession that requires you to give so much of yourself, often times for so little in return. Teachers are nurturers, they have a natural gift for being able to explain things, they are compasisonate, organized, and not to mention incredible mentors. Teachers are people who find genuine fulfillment in the little "ah-ha" moments and the learning that takes place in their classrooms on a daily basis.


Educators know that it isn't easy to find other sources of income since hours are pretty tied up and let's face it - you are exhausted!

If you are an educator, I hope that you will take a hard look at this business.


This opportunity could change your life forever, like it has already for so many of us.

Teacher Success Stories

Allison Sotelo

This is what my business partner Allison Sotelo has to say about joining Rodan+Fields....

“My initial goal when I signed up to be an Independent Consultant was to make a few hundred dollars a month so that my husband and I could have a night out from time to time. But as my efforts started to pay off, I saw that I could dream a little bigger, and it has become so much more than I ever imagined.” She now has time to be more involved in her children’s education, which is something she places at the top of her list of priorities. Instead of all of her time going into the education of other peoples’ children, she can now focus more of her energy on her own daughters. She can be at those PTA meetings, and attend her little girls’ classroom Valentine’s Day party. And thanks to the Rodan + Fields business opportunity, she was able to pay for her family to take a dream vacation to Maui. “It was such a rewarding feeling to be able to do that for my family, and all because I invested some of my time into this business every day.”

Sarah Robbins

A kindergarten teacher by trade, Sarah Robbins started with Rodan+Fields, first in the retail sector and then through direct sales, part time, alongside her full-time teaching career. She was able to retire from teaching and shortly after, her husband Phil was able to join her in the business. Three years into the official launch of the company, Sarah became the top earner for Rodan+Fields and continues to be our top earner. The Robbins' also started a foundation for women and children that they fully fund through their business.

The Same Characteristics and Skills You Use

Why are teachers so successful in this business? Look no further than the qualitites of good teachers:

  • Good Communicator
  • Good Time Management Skills
  • Good Leader
  • Dedicated Learner

These qualities will help your Rodan+Fields business succeed as well

If you want to spend more time with your family this summer, instead of teaching summer school, coaching, or running a camp, contact me. I love would to share this opportunity with you. I am commited to finding and training people who know what an amazing opportunity this is.

Don't sell yourself short, if you can run a classroom, you really CAN DO ANYTHING!

Cori French