Ally Black

I lost my shoe - Sam Winchester

Describe something you did yesterday

I hung out with my best friend we watched movies and ate pizza and popcorn. We also went to see the woman in black 2. I had lots of fun and really enjoyed the movie.
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something I do well

something I do well is fishing. I'm good at fishing because when I go fishing with someone I catch more fish than they do. I enjoy fishing because after I finish fishing i like to eat the fish and its a cool thought to know that I'm eating what I just caught.
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memory from when i was a kid

When I was little I remember playing hide and seek with my two older sisters. I loved playing hide and go seek when I was little because I was so small and I could pretty much fit in every space that they couldn't. I was so could at hiding that i hid for 30 minutes and they still could not find me.
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learned last week

Something I learned last week would be that I can do a back flip. I figure it out by trying to do one and I got it. it was really cool and also very fun, I was just happy I didn't brake my neck doing it.
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can't live without

Something I probably wouldn't be able to live without is hunting. I love hunting so much. I love being able to eat what I shot because its like I have just accomplished something really big.
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something i don't like

I really don't like the city,I don't like the city because there is too much pollution and too many buildings and hardly any grass,trees,bird, or nature in general.
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something i like to watch and listen to