Taylor Swift Says You Should Read

By: Sidney Ganshaw, Sydney Vanslembrouck, and Lily Webley

Do you like reading and writing? This special guest wants you to read,her name is Taylor Swift. Her goal is to have 1,999 students meet with her. Taylor Swift does not want you to stop reading. Do more reading in a book NOT on the internet. Why does she want us to do this? Because she LOVES to do it. She skyped 100 kids including some Martin students. There is a video on Scholastic.com that will show you the Skype conversation between her and students. She also went to schools in New York. She tweets about reading and writing too. She even wrote a 400 page book about her life and friends when she was 13 or 14. You should be like Taylor Swift and read and write!

We received this information from http://tweentribune.com/tween56/taylor-swift-wants-you-read.