Johnny Damon

By: Brian O'Connell

Baseball Career

Johnny Damon was a Professional Baseball player that was born on November 5th, 1973 in Fort Riley, Kansas. When he was a kid all he wanted to do was play with a ball. A couple years pasted and his family finally sighed him up to play baseball in his town. In high school baseball games, he got genuinely surprised if he didn't hit the ball every time he swung his bat. Even though there were a few things about in his early life, this book mostly talked about his time in the big leagues. When he made it to the minor league, the Gulf Coast League witch was Rookie league in Florida, he played some Left Field, but mostly Center Field. During his season he had a .349 batting average and 23 stolen bases in 58 games. Then the Kansas City Royals thought it was time to bring the rookie up to the big leagues in 1995. In 2000 he led the American League in runs (136) and stolen bases (46). For the rest of his career he played for the Oakland Athletics, the Boston Red Sox, the New York Yankees, and a couple of other teams to end his career.
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Stats for his Rookie year in the MLB

Timeline of Johnny Damons life

1973- Born on November 5 at Fort Riley, Kansas

1992- Drafted by the Kansas City Royals

1993- Plays for Rockford Royals in the Class A Midwest League

1994- Plays for the Wilmington Blue Rocks in high Class A Carolina League

1995- Makes his major- league debut with the Royals

1996- Hits .271 in his first full season with the Royals

1999- Hits .307, the first season his batting average is over .300

2000- Leads the American League in runs (136) and stolen bases (46)

2001- Traded to the Oakland Athletics and plays in the postseason for the first time

2002- Joins the Boston Red Sox

2003- Suffers concussion in collision with Damian Jackson during the American League Division Series

2004- Red Sox win the World Series, their first in 86 years

2005- Agrees to a four- year, $52 million deal with the New York Yankees

2006- Hits .285 with a career-high 24 home runs in is first season with the Yankees

Johnny Damon Career Highlights