Egyptian Gods

The best Gods you will ever learn about

The Gods

The gods of Ancient Egypt are very important.Every God is very powerful in each way.some of the Gods cannot be described.


Sobek was one of the best gods ever.he could control a lot of major things.he is apart of the Nile River.He as called the Nile God. Sobek is a crocodile living among the Nile.He is Known as suchas in greek.


Shu is one of the best Gods ever.To begin with shu has a illustrate a headdress is made up of feathers.He has a head of a lion.the teeth of the lion are massive and sharp.He has the body of a human. Shu has a headdress

Who is Anubis

Anubis has a Jakel head.To illustrate the jakle head is actuly a wolf head.He is God of embalming.He restores the fluid of the body.He is complete man and human.He is no different from us.

Three Gods

The three Gods iv'e learned about were most important.They all have power with in them.They have accomplished things while they were a God.All three of them are animal or human. Sobek,shu,and Anubis are learnd about everyday