News of Class 3

Newsletter #27

Welcome Back from Spring Break!

I hope your spring break was restful and rejuvenating. I have been enjoying my family's home on the north shore of Oahu, and will not be returning until Monday evening. Therefore, the students will be with substitute teacher, Ms. Swift, on Monday, April 11th.

This week the students will be entering into their final Shelter and Testing block. On Tuesday, April 12th, the students will be assigned their Shelter Project. They will be coming home with instructions on Tuesday, and I hope you will be able to go over the guidelines with them, regarding their choice. Please remember that the Shelter Projects must be made of organic materials, that would be actually used to construct a shelter, and show a living space that creates a feeling of home. So, as an example, Igloos will not be allowed as the ice would melt! The students will be asked to present their choice to me by Friday April 15th. During the Shelter Project assignment, over the week of April 18th and 25th, they will not be assigned homework, but will be expected to work on their projects. However, they will be required to practice their instrument. I have included some ideas for shelter projects in the pictures below. Please do not show the ideas to the students, as I want them come up with their own ideas, based on what they might find in books, and/or ideas from their own imagination.

Shelter Projects are due in class on the morning of May 2nd.

Testing will begin on April 18th. The first test the students will be taking is the Language Arts test. April 25th will begin the math test portion. They will be testing every morning, and this test is untimed so they can take as long as they need to complete the test. This week the students will be making stress balls out of flower and balloons. Thank you Loretta, for the idea! I expect there will be a lot of anxiety about the test, and I will do everything I can to help the students balance the stress, with some fun activities. If possible, you may wish to not have anything big, or be over-scheduled during the testing weeks, as your children will be tired and their anxiety may make them more prone to melt downs. Please make sure they are getting good sleep during the nights, and eating a large breakfast in the mornings. Though this test does not determine where they are in their learning, the students will take it seriously, and will want to do as well as possible. It will be very stressful for the students if they miss school during this time. Anybody that misses school will make up the test on another date, which will prolong their anxiety.

Shelter Project Instructions

Third Grade Shelter Scene Project Instructions

As part of the third grade Shelter Block, you are being asked to construct a model shelter scene. This project will be worked on at home. The project is due in class on May 2nd, 2016

Basic Guidelines:

1. Choose a type of shelter and present your idea to Ms. Radzat by April 15th, 2016.

2. During class you will be asked to draw a picture and create a list of materials needed for your project.

3. Work with your parents to acquire the materials you will need to build your shelter scene. The materials should be as organic and traditional as you can find, and be the materials that would be used for that type of shelter. For example, you cannot make an igloo because the ice will melt. But you could make a Mongolian hut and use wool and felt.

4. Begin constructing your shelter. Your shelter can be no larger then the size of your school desk and no smaller then a shoebox. When at home, your family may give you ideas or suggestions, and hold things for you as you put your shelter together. However, this project is to be built by you. (Parents, this is not a time to do a building project with your child. This is their own work and should look like a 9 year old shelter project, not a kit)

5. Once your shelter is constructed, begin to put in the landscaping and “scene” items that make it a complete example of life in the culture where such a shelter would be found. You can get ideas for this by looking at books in the library that feature this type of shelter.

6. Bring your shelter scene and building supplies to class on Monday May, 2nd, 2016. You will present your shelter during Morning Lesson on May 2nd.

Class Building Project Wish

As I shared, at our last parent evening, I am relying heavily on parents to help with the large building project. This project would ideally be something the students could build together, and be able to enter into. Due to space at our current campus, we have to get very creative with what our project can be. I also am not able to do the building project and manage the class, at the same time, so I am in need of 2-3 parents to take on this project, and to see it from beginning to end.

My Building Project Wish

1. To have 2 or3 parents that would come up with an idea for the building project and would figure out supplies and materials for the project. They would work closely with me, throughout the project. They would assign people to bring needed supplies and materials for the project, by a predetermined date.

2. To have parents sign up to help with the students, as they are building

3. That the students create something that would take from 1 week - 3 weeks time, and would be able to fit into our current play yard, or be given to an organization that would appreciate and need such project.

4. And lastly, that these parents would let me know that they are in charge by April 15th!

Unfortunately, if I do not have people to help, we will not be able to do a building project.

Slide Ranch Drivers/Chaperones

Thank you to all of you that have signed up to be a driver/chaperone for our overnight trip to Slide Ranch. I want to make sure we have enough drivers because I will not be allowing any of the students to ride in the front seat. Because the students are still under my care, I feel very strongly that we follow the state guidelines and not have any students in the front seat until the recommend age of 13.

I also need to have more fathers sign up. With so many boys in our class I will need equal mothers to fathers. If you can take a look at your calendar, I would appreciate your consideration on this overnight. So far I have 3 dads signed up.