Even you can look like Barbie

With Make-up Pop

Even the least talented with make-up can use Make-Up Pop

With our easy to use "stick on" method you can get perfect lips or on fleek eye lashes. All you do is stick on the easy to remove guidelines ,and apply the provided make-up then remove the guidelines. It so easy anyone can do it,but if you're worried about the environment worry no more because Make-Up Pop is Organic. If that still sounds too difficult we will even supply a number of make-up tutorials ,and we got a very special someone to do them... Barbie! Yes the title was telling the truth with Make-up Pop you can look like Barbie. With personal tips straight from Barbie's head. So what are you still doing here stop looking drab and boring and start looking like a superstar. (Make-Up Pop is not guaranteed to make you look like Barbie)

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Make-Up Pop "Anyone can do makeup"