McDonald's Hamburger

By, Wilton


Is the hamburger going to change alot or is it going to stany the same


The hambured is going to not change in size but it might get mold on it and it is going to get hard

Background Knowledge

I knew that the hamburger would get hard. I also new that it will not change that much


First I bought and hamburger from McDonadles

Second I bring it home put it above the oven

Thrid I took a pic of it every day and see what was diffrent

Day 1- 10 Data

Day one it was not hard it looked like you could eat it. Day 2 it was getting a little hard and and bun was crusty. Day 3 it did not look much different. Day 4 it got harder and the burger was shrinking and you could not see very much of the cheese Day 5 the burger shrunk more and more and you could not see very much of the cheese. Day 6 the hamburger was smaller and it was very hard and it would crumble easy. Day 7 was about the same as day 6 but the burger shrunk a little more. By day 8 it was very hard could barely see the cheese and the buger shrunk. Day 9 was the same as day 8 but may be a little harder Day 10 it was very hard the bread was hard and and the cheese was almost gone.


Th hamburguer change and got harder and hared afer time and it was crumbly and it would not be very good to eat. The burger stunch and the cheese went away