Avoca Elementary Newsletter

December 2022

4th Grade Christmas Play! The North Pole Musical!

“Our friends are here and we’re feeling fine!” The North Pole Musical took place at Avoca. The 4th grade students practiced a lot for this fun and exciting journey into the North Pole to celebrate the North Pole Musical’s 400th anniversary. Mrs. Peters worked very hard with the 4th graders on stage to practice their songs and motions. I interviewed Mrs. Carrier’s 4th graders, and many stated that they were so excited for this year’s production. Finally, a big thanks that is deserved by all of the Avoca teachers who helped them practice! Go Dragons!

By: Liam Ball

The 4th grade Christmas play was on December 6th! The North Pole Musical was filled to the brim with cool costumes, great songs, and a phenomenal performance. The featured songs were Hoofin’ It,The No Christmas Blues,and more! The entire play was led by Mrs.Peters, the music teacher at Avoca Elementary. Thank you for coming to cheer on our students!

By: Isis Miller

Basketball Season at Avoca


I interviewed Lulu Tabor about basketball coming up. The first game was on December 3. Kindergarten and 1st grades play at Fairmount Elementary and 2nd-5th grades play at Tennessee Middle School. The players practice once a week. We have over 120 cheerleaders and basketball players at Avoca this year. The PTA is buying new backboards and rims that will be taller and bigger.

By: Macon Morrow

Dates to Remember

December 6 - Fourth Grade Musical

December 12 - Elf Day

December 13 - Christmas Hat Day

December 14 - Oh Christmas Tree Day

December 15 - Pajama Day

December 16 - Crazy Christmas Sock Day & Early Dismissal

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