External Factors

By: Onyah Adams


Everyday My friends help me make good choices, and they are really good people that make me happy, and I just love to be around them. If I had friends that got in trouble of did not like to listen or anything like that I would be different, so I choose to hang out with friends that's are good and they don't get in trouble all the time.


The music I choose to listen to encourage me to do good things, and they encourage me to be a good person.And if i hear something in the song it makes me act a certain way so I make sure to listen to good music.

Extra Curricular Activities

The activities I do outside of school are defiantly helpful. I do church activities, I do sports,dance, and other stuff like that. All of those things help me be a better person and they help me to stay active and not be lazy because, alot of the time if I did not have any extra curricular activities I would be less active and lazy.


In my life I have only moved 3 times. When I moved I was younger so It was easier on me that If I was my age now. The last time I moved it was 7 years ago. When I did move though, it made me a better person, and I know that If i was still in my old house I would be different, I would dress different, and I would act different, because back then My life was different but then I moved and my whole life flipped around.

How I was raised

I was raised with an older sister and an older brother. They help me be the way I am,and act the way i am sometimes. I have alot of features from my mom, and some of them from my dad, but I am alot like my mom, because I look up to her. My mom also cares about how she looks most of the time if she is going out, so that's a big factor on how I look. And I was raised to be nice to people and care about people.

Birth order

I was the middle child, but then my mom had a baby 1 month ago, but he is a new baby so its still kind of the same thing, but Since I have to older siblings and a younger sibling that changes me alot. I want to be a better person and every thing like that because I want my baby brother to grow up and be like that, and I also want to dress nice because I want him to dress nice too. And with my older siblings, they help me learn what to do and what not to do because I can learn from their mistakes.


Of course I do make mistakes, but having older siblings help me because when I make mistakes they can help me out like mu parents, but I can also learn from my older siblings because they make more mistakes that I do because they don't really have anyone to look up to besides my parents, so it defiantly helps me make less bad mistakes, and more good mistakes.