Grassland Biome

By: Alyssa Roussis

Grassland Biomes

I have chosen the Grassland biome to do research on because I feel grassland is a very interesting biome to explore thanks for reading

Location of Grassland Biomes

Underneath this is a map that shows where you can find grassland biomes
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Climate of Grassland biomes

The Climate of Grassland is very moist and Humid

Types of plants

  • The types of plant found in the Grassland Biome is Bluestem grass, Blue Grama grass, Buffalo grass, Fleabane, Indian Grass, June Grass, Milkweed, Purple coneflower, and Stinging Nettle just to name a few

Types Of Animals

  • Some of the animals found in Grassland biomes include the American bald eagle, badgers, bobcats, Bumble bees, coyotes, and prairie dogs just to name some of the many animals