Aspiring Dog Walker

Area Friendly Dog Walker.

Hello everyone my name is Tony, and I am trying to start a small dog walking business, not anything huge. I'm seeking to establish myself with the few clients I can get. Hopefully 10 or more.

I am professional and will carry myself as such.
I do not not walk multiple dogs at one time, each dog will have an individual walking time with me. (30Min)

The reason I chose to start a dog walking business is because I have always wanted to become my own worker and break out of the cubical, I needed something that would keep me on my feet, and to make sure I have the choice of doing something I actually like. So my decision became such.
I'm open to any help, and constructive criticism. If you have any tips to give me it would be greatly appreciated.
My rate would note be expensive.
If you would like my services and/or have questions you would like to ask my please
Send me an email if you want to contact me. Thank You


$40 A week To walk your dog Once a day from Monday-Friday

$80 A week To walk your dog Twice a day from Monday -Friday

$120 A week To walk your dog Three times a day from Monday -Friday

Each walk will consist of 30Minutes