Heroin in Bucks County

Nick Dietrich

How Big of a Problem Is This?

  • It is a cheaper drug meaning more kids use it
  • There is a very fine line between the high the user wants and death
  • Heroin is 50% addictive to first time users and 75% to second time users
  • Bucks Country almost pulled even to Philadelphia's 402 deaths in 2013

Talk to Someone!!

  • Teens who talk to their parents about drugs are 42% less likely to use them
  • Only 1 out of 4 teens have these conversations with their parents

Why is This Happening?!

Kids will start on pills found around the house, but when it is gone they can't afford to buy more. Just one 80 milligram Oxycontin can cost around $40. They then turn to Heroin which gives a similar feeling for $3-$5.

Organizations That Help

  • Drug and Alcohol Commission
  • Heroin Prevention Outreach
  • Council & Recovery News II