6th Grade Band Notes

May 16, 2016

Spring Band Concert- Monday, May 23rd

Our final band concert of the school-year is next Monday, May 23rd at 7 P.M. in the Junior High auditorium. Concert Band students will need to report to the gym by 6:20 in uniform with instruments and music ready to go. As usual, the concert dress is black dress shoes, socks, and dress pants , and our blue polo shirts. All of our junior high band groups will be performing. This includes Jazz Band ‘too’, Jazz Band “one”, Concert Band, and the Symphonic Band. ALL BAND STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED STAY FOR THE ENTIRE CONCERT. The concert will be over at approximately 8:30 pm.

Students will be turning in their blue polo shirts at the end of the night so they should bring another shirt to change into.

Can you Help?

It would be a huge help to me if a parent can run the sound recording next Monday night. The job could not be any easier- the recording software will be all set up and all you have to do is hit a button before and after each song. I will walk you through how it works when you arrive. Would anybody be so kind as to volunteer?

Memorial Day

Thank you so much to every student that has volunteered to perform for Memorial Day. We really appreciate students volunteering to perform in such an important ceremony and we are very excited to showcase our band program for the town. The date of the performance is Monday, May 30th at 10:30 AM. Students are still welcome to volunteer if they have not already done so. Please click the link below for all of the details for the performance.

Please note that we will be having an after-school rehearsal next Tuesday, May 24th for all Memorial Day participants. It is very important that all participants attend this rehearsal so we can give our best performance possible.

Band Next Year

It has been a wonderful year for our 6th grade band. They have made so much progress since the beginning of the year! Mrs. Kiener and I are hoping that every sixth grader will sign up for Symphonic band next year. If you have any questions about Symphonic Band, please do not hesitate to ask.