Forms of Energy

Finn jacobsen

Kinetic energy

Energy of momvement. The faster you or a object move, the more kinetic energy the person or object has. Example, water slide and riding a bike
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Hitting a Tennis Ball in Slow Motion (1200fps)

Heat energy

Heat energy comes from the sun,flames etc. Heat can warm,melt, dry
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Fire Motion Loops and Animated backgrounds for Chroma Keys, video producers, motion graphics.

Light energy

Light energy comes from sun,light globes etc. Light creates dark places light,without light energy the world would be a very dark place
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Short night lapse and my drive home

Sound energy

When the air vibrates the human ear identifies it as sound for example is music was playing or a firework went off, it would be sound.
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GoPro: Beatbox Juggler in Venice Beach

Electrical energy

Comes from power stations,solar cells and sparks such as lightning
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Cool Party Lights and Smoke Machine

Nuclear energy

Comes from nuclear plants
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giant electrical spark

Chemical energy

Energy stored in new substances. Energy is released into your body when you digest food
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Eating apples really fast timelapse

Elastic potential energy

Stored energy stretched or squashed. Stretched rubber bands or springs,when they are stretched they have elastic energy then it is released when it's let go
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Gravatational potential energy

Energy stored in an object stored above ground. The greater the weight the more gravatational energy it has like a brick or a ball
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