Joseph Priestley

By Dylan Knight

Joseph Priestly's Life

Joseph Priestley was an English scientist born on March 24, 1733 and died on Febuary 6, 1804. At the age of one, he was sent to live with his grandfather until his mother died five years later. When he was young, he learned Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. His mother was Mary Swift and his father was Jonas Priestly. He had six younger siblings. During his lifetime, Priestley's scientific reputation counted on his invention of soda water, his knowledge of electricity,and discovery of many gases, the most famous being oxygen. When he passed on in 1804, Priestley had previously been made an individual from each major experimental society in the Western world and he had found various substances.

Interesting Facts About Priestley

•discovered oxygen

•invented soda water

•learned more than six languages

•known as the father of modern chemistry that never acknowledged his daughter

•immigrated to the U.S. In 1794 to Pennsylvania

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