Disasters await


Hi, my name is Clementine. My teachers always say I never pay attention, but I disagree. My Best friend Margaret is a year older then me but I still think of us as the same age. School has been a total disaster this week! On monday we had art, Margaret got glue stuck in her hair and I saw her run into the bathroom and she started crying. I went into the bathroom to see if she was ok. She had scissors and started cutting her hair. She wanted me to cut it so I did, once I finished her hair looked terrible! As I was trying to fix it the art teacher walked in and she sent me straight to the principals office! Margaret was trying to explain to her that I was just trying to help but she wasn't listening. The next day Margaret's mom was furious! I felt really bad for what I did even though I was just trying to help. On Wednesday, I got sent to the principals office again for not listening. My parents were very mad at me. Then, the next day Margaret was not talking to me. She started talking to this girl named Amanda-Lee. Amanda-Lee didn't like me. Whenever I tried to talk to Margaret or Amanda-Lee they would both ignore me. I felt really bad so I cut my hair. All of my orange curls were gone! I was sad but I wanted Margaret to feel better. I showed my mom and she was in shock! I told her what I did to Margaret so she made me apologize. When I rung her doorbell her mom answered and said I should be in my room thinking about what I did to Margaret. Later that day I found a picture of Polka-Dotie, my old cat. I took it to the copy store and wanted them to make the picture as big as they could. They told me to come back at 4:00 to pick it up. Once I picked up the picture it looked beautiful! I walked into the house quietly and heard my mom talking on the phone. I wanted to listen and I heard some things that made me nervous. It sounded like they were giving me away. I slammed the door so she knew I was there. For the rest of the day I decided to be good. After dinner my parents came to say goodnight and I apologized for being such a pain. They excepted my apology a lot easier then I thought. The next day my dad and I went outside of our apartment. We wanted to spray the hose so all of the sea gulls would leave our apartment. They all left and were never to be seen again! I walked into my apartment and heard my mom talking on the phone again. I heard her say into the phone good-bye and good riddance. I got really scared like they were going to send me to another family! After dinner they said they had surprise for me. They blind folded me and took me into another room. Later, I walked in and all of my neighbors were standing there. They all started cheering. I was confused, then I saw a cake that said good-bye and good riddance. It had a bunch of sea gulls on it and then I remembered, the sea gulls had left because I sprayed the hose. I was so happy, Margaret and I were best friends again. It turned out to be the best week ever, not the worst week ever!

Theme & Conflict

I think the theme is friendship because Margaret and Clementine have to learn to get along with each other.

I think the conflict is character vs. character because Margaret and Clementine learn to get along together.

Protagonist & Antagonist

The antagonist is the principal because she gets very mad with Clementine.

The protagonist is Clementine.


I think the genre is humor.


Lentils: noun.

a high protein pulse that is dried and then soaked and cooked before eating.


The setting of this book is down in a big city.
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This is a picture of the author. Her name is Sara Pennypacker.