By: Rachel Testa

Modern Political

This political cartoon shows Jim crow, a made up character who was created by Thomas Dartmouth Rice. The character is supposed to portray a slave. The songs and acts he did were racist and rude. Lots of blacks know about him, so that is why she says, "I remember you." This is representing the voting rights that blacks had, and some of the things people did to them.
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Reconstruction Era Political

In this political cartoon we see a union soldier who is trying to protect the african american from a confederate who is threatening him. This political cartoon is from 1875. This is representing how the southerner (confederate) wants to hurt the black man.
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Modern Economic

In this political cartoon a cow, which is representing stock market is extremely bloated. In corner we see 4 men. One man who is representing wall street is blowing air into the cow for more stock market. The three guys on the bottom right represent corporate raiders, investment houses, and speculators. They are saying not to think about 1929 which is when reconstruction ended.
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Reconstruction Era Economic

In this political cartoon we see a snake which is representing Sedition Bills, And three kids which are representing honest opinion, free speech, and free press. The sedition bills of 1918 made it illegal to print, utter, write, abusive language about the form of government of the United States.
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Modern Social

In this political cartoon the three guys represents big corporations and how they ask the people to pay for their mistakes instead of admitting their fault out of pride. The people are not fooled but still fall victim to corperate greed.
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Reconstruction Era Social

In this political cartoon president Grant is sitting on a bag which is full of weapons. The two union soldiers on the side are keeping guard. There is a woman who is carrying him and she represents the south. She is chained to the bayonets and is walking barefoot on sharp rocks.