A Raisin in The Sun

By: Cristina, Julie, Michael, Kimberly

Thesis Statement

In Lorraine Hansberry's play A Raisin in the Sun, unattainability of the American dream is presnted through out the story as Walter Younger tries to gain success for himself and his family but cannot completely achieve his dreams due to the struggles of man vs. self as he tries to content his family.

Theme Analysis

The main theme presented throughout the paly A Raisin in The Sun is family values and how they all are just trying to make a better life for thier loved ones. Throughout this play you see many aspects and issues that begin to tear this family apart, At the end however they all come to realize the most important things in life are family values. In the story, Walter and Beneatha want to achieve the American Dream and to them money is all that seems to matter. In Act 1 Scene 2 when Walter tells his mama money is life, she responds by saying, "Oh - So now it's life. Money is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life - now its money. I guess the world really do change..." she directed to the old times when family and trying to gain freedom was all you had. Mama tries to make her family see money isn't anything, family is everything and to be happy with what you have. When they soon got there money and tried to use it up they still ended up with none of the money left, and everyone was upset and angry they lost thier opportunity to have something. Then, Mama says "There is always something left to love. And if you ain't learned that, you aint learn nothing". This is illistrating that the purpose of they play was to show that even if you get what you want in life or not, you always have something there for you, and that usually is family.


This video portrays man vs. self when Walter goes on and on trying to make it seem like everything is goin to be okay and he's trying to convince his family of that but you can actually see he is trying to convince himself of it. Walter believes that with all this money "Everything gonna be fine" and "he gonna feel fine" but really inside he's just beaten himself up on all the things that gone wrong on him. This video tells that he isnt content with himself, his way of life or how his families life is going he is taking it all on himself. Therefore, throughout this play Walter faces alot of struggles with man vs. self conflict.
A Raisin in the Sun (2008) The takers and the Taken Scene

Characterization & Quest for the American Dream



In conclusion, A Raisin in The Sun shows the unattainability of the American dream, through the struggles Walter Lee Young faced with himself, with his family and with society. There is many obsticles you'll soon come across to achieve your goals but the perfect American dream can not be attained, because nothing is perfect and as shown in the theme of the play you don't have to be successfull and live the perfect American dream, you can be content with what you have and your family.

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A modern day "A Raisin in The Sun".

A Raisin in the Sun relevance of the play today as it pertains to Chicago as the modern day, because till this day there is still Discrimination, Poverty and Violence towards people that live in the south side. In the article a homeless African American women whom was roaming though the South side happen to be discriminated by a white police officer because of her skin ton. Another violence in the U.S. news the daily Beast was shown that police officer happened to stick a gun inside Williams mouth because he wasn't following as directed. Poverty today is still shown in the book Raisin in the sun because humans still struggle with lack of education, good nutrition and a safe place to raise a family.