Victory is....Chrome's!

By Ariana Northway

The Winner Takes it All! Or well... the Winner takes Most!

Google Chrome is clearly the best web browser out there. Most people in today's technology-focused community use this browser. With it's sleek and simple tab layout, it allows the browser to run faster than others. The simple tab layout also provides more screen room to view sites. Though it has a very simple layout, most people are more interested in the speed of the browser, which just happens to be very fast compared to its competitors.
Intro to Google Chrome

Recently released is the latest edition of Google Chrome "Chrome OS 46.0.2490.13"

Why is Google Chrome the Best?

If a page is loading too slowly or something freezes, Chrome makes it easy to close out of it without having to restart the entire browser. Google Chrome also has a special feature called Google Translate. When browser through sites and you come across one that is in another language, Chrome almost immediately recognizes it and changes it to English. Chrome even has automatic updates, so the user doesn't have to worry about when an update needs to be downloaded. This keeps the browser very safe and secure.